Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey whats up everyone. It has been a while since we've been on here...between Practice , Writing new tunes and everyday life it has been kind of hectic trying to stay up to date on here. We apologize and will be sure to be more on to of things - lol.

Well we have some pretty exciting gigs coming up and hope you all can make it out to them. Our first 2 are on may 22nd. The first one is a fundraiser for maysie's farm. Be sure to go to for more info.

Our second gig is the same night but in Philly at The Blockley Pourhouse With our friends Philadelphia Slick a great Hip Hop band from Philly. PS will be releasing there E.P. This night. Sure to be a great day & Night. See you all there!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kingspin's Fo Reels? A Video Mixtape!!!

Fo Reels? A Video Mixtape!!! from Fo Sho & Tell on Vimeo.

What up Hustlers!

Many of you know me as Kingspin, the DJ who hasn't rocked the stage with Kuf & the gang for quite some time due to relocating down to Nashville, TN last fall.. But definetly missin' my philly famm and thought I'd post the latest body of work I created for y'all to geek out on the internet to!... "Fo Reels? A Video Mixtape!!!" is basically a set of my audio/visual DJ craziness that you can now stream on your TV and maybe even jumpstart the dance floor at your next house party with! It's a bunch of my most favorite random fun stuff slickly woven to entertain y'all for roughly an hour straight! Enjoy!


1. Fo Sho & Tell Intro
2. Dusty Springfield- Spooky
3. Tittsworth- WTF (Sammy Bananas remix)
4. Gangpol & Mit- Stand on Waste
5. Mr. Oizo- Cut Dick (inst.)
6. How I Met Your Mother- Video Resume
7. Liquid Liquid- Optimo
8. Arrested Development- Tennessee
9. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home
10. Nashville Teens- Tobacco Road
11. D-Jay- Hard for a Pimp (feat. Shades of Grey)
12. Dolly Parton- Jolene
13. Dave Chappelle & Fwend- N*gga on the Side
14. Shades of Grey- Possible Possibiliy (inst.)
15. Pat Benetar- Love is a Battlfield
16. Duran Duran- Electric Barbarella
17. Forbidden Zone- Bim Bam Boom
18. Ruckus Roboticus- I Dig Chicks
19. C2C- DMC Jazz routine
20. Triplets of Belleville- Belleville Rendez-Vous
21. Lion Tamer- The Chase
22. St. Vincent- Bang Bang
23. Nancy Sinatra- Bang Bang
24. Rye Rye- Bang Bang
25. Green Velvet- Everybody Wants (feat. Kid Sister)
26. General Larry Platt- Pants on the Ground
27. Ludacris- How Low
28. Savage- Swing
29. Busta Rhymes- Break ya Neck
30. Shiny Toy Guns- Major Tom
31. Revenge of the Nerds- Lambda Lambda Rap
32. Shades of Grey- Go Ape (inst.)
33. Queen- We are the Champions
34. Monsters vs. Aliens- Beverly Hills Cop
35. Parks & Recreation- Parents Just Don't Understand
36. Yaz- Situation (inst.)
37. Shades of Grey- Chicken or the Egg
38. Freaks & Geeks- How Funky Is Your Chicken?
39. Tapeheads- Roscoe's Chicken
40. Mad TV- IPad
42. Survivor- Eye of the Tiger
43. Manny Pacquiao- Sometimes When We Touch
44. Shades of Grey- That's Right a Love Song (JJC Alpha Juno Remix)
45. Isley Brothers- That Lady
46. In Deep- Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
47. Fo Sho & Tell Outro

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.The Hustle Hits The Note.

Hey whats up y'all - I hope all is well
So The Hustle rocked World Cafe live twice in the past week Both shows were downstairs and both shows were packed. It was lovely both nights. Monday was a benefit for Haiti...Feat.such artist as Bilal , Meek Mills , Dice Raw , Jazmine Sullivan , Kindred & Chubb Rock...A crazy Line up.
We will have pics and Vid Posted soon.

This weekend The Hustle will be rocking at THE NOTE in West Chester. This is sure to be a great night of music The Hustle will be opening up the night. The Last Emporer and Fat Daddy Hasbeen will be having there CD releases and Closing the night.
We look forward to seeing you all there & Rocking the Spot!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey whats up y'all
SO we rocked rockwood this past sat night and had a blast - Thank You to everyone who came out and shared the night with us. We have a two week break before rocking out again. In these two weeks we will be practicing hard and working on new tunes for the World Cafe Live show.

Be sure to come out for a Great night of Live Hip-Hop

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New York City

What's up Y'all
So our Tin Angel gig went well we had a blast in Old City , The only bad part of The gig was the Fact that Our Lead Vocalist LaRu didnt make it.
LaRu came down with the Flu and was not able to make The show
She tried her hardest but the sickness really got the best of her.
LaRu is recovering now and will be up & kickin' in no time & ready for our next Gig.

Our next gig is in NYC at RockWood MusicHall. RockWood is one of our Favorite places to rock. The Venue is very Intimate and The sound is Amazing.
Be sure to come Rock out with us on The 20th!!!
See you there

Sunday, January 24, 2010


.Hey whats up Everyone.

This Friday Night Jan 29th. The Hustle will be Performing in Old City Phila.
We will be rocking with MetroSonics a Dope Hip Hop band out of New York
Be sure to come rock with us for a great night of music in Philly!!!
Please grab Tickets ASAP The Tin Angel fills up Quick!!!!




Good time in Spring City!!!
We had a Blast Perfoming at Chaplins - Such a Great Venue.
The Vibe is Great The sound is Great and everyone is there for music and you dont have to worry about loud bar conversation going on while you are playing..LOL
Thank You to everyone who came out and rocked with us.
We look forward to coming back out there soon!!